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December 29th, 2010

An Indiana newspaper has found one prevalent form of nursing home abuse in the state is that of unjustly evicting nursing home residents. Indiana’s ombudsman for long-term care says nursing homes unfairly kicking residents out is “a major problem” in the state.

An investigation by The Indianapolis Star cites many examples of this problem. Among the cases noted by the invesitgation is a nursing home leaving a man at an emergency room and refusing to take him back. The man had to stay at the hospital for three weeks until another nursing home took him in. Another case involved a nursing home trying to kick out a brain-damaged teenager. The teenager had no safe place to live.

The investigation also uncovered that almost no punishment is being issued by the state for nursing homes that violate the law by unfairly evicting residents.

Arlene Franklin of the state’s Family and Social Services Administration said she thinks the key to ending this abuse is to punish nursing homes that violate patients rights.

“I think if we had a better enforcement system or a more punitive enforcement system, people would [stop unfair evictions],” said Franklin.

If you are a nursing home resident and believe your rights are being violated, or if you believe your loved one is being treated unfairly in a nursing home, you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right way.


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