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October 15th, 2010

Next year, Indiana lawmakers will consider a proposal requiring nursing home workers to receive background checks. The proposal is an effort being made by the state to thwart the various types of nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect that have become commonplace all over the country.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller says he will also propose changes be made to state law that provide whistleblowers with legal protections. Zoeller has also asked an oversight panel that reviews licensing agencies to focus its attention on the Indiana Health Facility Administrator (HFA) Board. The HFA has disciplinary power over nursing home administrators.

“The HFA Board writes the licensing rules for nursing home administrators and the board acts as judge and jury to decide whether or not those rules were violated,” said Zoeller. “We have an opportunity through this evaluation committee to thoroughly examine the rule-enforcing process by the group of experts the Legislature created for that purpose, to determine if it is adequate to hold these licensees accountable for violations within the facility that occur on their watch.”


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