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June 25, 2013

A Joliet, Illinois woman who was previously charged with nursing home abuse has now been indicted on additional charges that cover other parts of the original indictment.

According to reports, 62-year-old Brenda L. Franklin is being charged with failing to seek medical help for a 75-year-old elderly female who fell into scalding hot water in 2010. Franklin, who was working for Trinity Services as a caregiver when the incident occurred, made no effort to try and get the victim immediate medical help, which resulted in her death shortly after.

In March 2011, Franklin was charged with one count of criminal neglect against the elderly. Last month, however, she received an additional four counts for the same crime, and is now due to face arraignment in July 2013.

Franklin was terminated from her position at Trinity Services shortly after the incident. Yet, according to Franklin, it was all an accident. She stated she was getting the victim ready for a bath when she left shortly to answer her phone. Franklin heard a scream, and when she came back to the bathroom, the elderly victim had fallen into a bathtub full of hot water. Franklin then stated that the victim seemed to be fine afterwards, so she helped get her into bed before leaving. When she came back three hours later, the victim’s feet were bleeding through her socks. Franklin then took her to the hospital.

If convicted, Franklin may face fines as well as prison time.

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