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February 12, 2012

In the case of an elderly man with dementia who wandered away from his Illinois nursing home and was later found dead out in the cold by a creek, the Illinois Department of Health found that the man had wandered away from the nursing home several times before, yet the nursing home failed to equip the man with a patient monitoring system that would have prevented his death.

The elderly man had wandered away from his nursing home, Midwest Rehabilitation and Respiratory Care in Belleville, Illinois, two other times only weeks before he was found dead. Additionally, state inspectors found that the elderly man’s care plan did not address his wandering off and how to fix this problem.

A nursing home abuse lawyer for the family of the victim said the nursing home was clearly negligent in this case.

In total, eight nursing home abuse citations were issued against the nursing home after the state inspection with subsequent fines and possible sanctions against the nursing home expected.


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