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April 20, 2012

A hidden camera placed by the family of a 96-year old nursing home resident captured video of the woman being repeatedly physically abused by two nursing home workers at Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Both workers were fired from the nursing home and arrested for neglect by caretaker.

The family of the victim placed the hidden camera after suspecting the elderly resident, who has dementia, was being stolen from by employees at the nursing home. The video, however, revealed some startling episodes of physical nursing home abuse.

One incident involved one of the two workers shoving latex gloves into the victim’s mouth while the other employee looked on. Other video shows one of the workers shoving the elderly woman’s face and forcing her to lay down.

The nursing home administrator says they are fully cooperating with the police and the situation is “most unfortunate.”

Using a hidden camera is a great way to combat nursing home abuse if you believe a loved one is being abused. You should also get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer to explore your legal options.


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