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February 11, 2013

A group supporting a bill that allows a medical board to review allegations of nursing home abuse are taking their campaign a step further and pushing it onto television.

According to reports, the Kentucky Association of Healthcare Facilities released a television radio ad this week in which they urge people to vote for Senate Bill 9. Senate Bill 9 is a law that allows a medical team to review nursing abuse allegations as well as determine if nursing home patients are receiving proper care at the facilities. Additionally, the law helps keep nursing home abuse cases out of legal system.

However, many groups and organizations oppose the law, including the AARP and the Kentucky Justice Organization. Both groups state that lawsuits would not occur in the first place if the staff and administration at nursing homes did their jobs correctly.

Although supporters of the bill have stated that it will help to prevent frivolous nursing home abuse lawsuits, statistics have shown that the majority of nursing home abuse allegations have turned out to be not only true, but far more extensive in many instances than what was originally reported. In addition, Jim Kimbrough, president of Kentucky’s AARP, feels that the bill will prevent nursing home abuse victims and their families from obtaining legal representation from a nursing home abuse attorney and coming forward even if the nursing home abuse is severe:

“Senate Bill 9 would discourage nursing home residents and their families to go to court with a legitimate claim of neglect, abuse, exploitation. Senate Bill 9 will do nothing to improve the quality of care in nursing homes,” said Kimbrough.


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