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July 03, 2013

A total of 21 staff members, along with the owner of a Commerce, Georgia nursing home all face abuse charges of nursing home abuse after reports of abuse of several elderly Alzheimer’s patients.

According to police reports, the owner and staff members face a total of 70 criminal charges after severe instances of abuse at Alzheimer’s Care of Commerce was reported. The abuse included tying residents up with bedsheets, hitting them, and throwing water in their face. In addition, some staff members put two diapers each on residents so that they wouldn’t have to change them once they soiled themselves.

Investigators were also able to uncover that several of the staff members working at the nursing home were convicted felons. Furthermore, per the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Donna Wright, owner of the nursing, faces charges of financial exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

This Tuesday, 11 of the staff members were arrested, and police state the others will be detained shortly. Wright, however, has not been found yet.

Three of the 27 residents were taken to the hospital with serious medical issues. The rest of the residents will be placed in alternate nursing homes.

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