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May 9, 2011

The former administrator of Winterville Retirement Center in Georgia was arrested after an investigation found she was stealing money from an Alzheimer’s patient. The woman was charged with five felonies for stealing from and exploiting an elderly or disabled person, and one misdemeanor theft charge.

Family of the Alzheimer’s patient said he had been telling them for some time that his money was being stolen; however the family did not at first believe him because of his mental condition. An investigation into the matter showed that the man was indeed having his money, and his brother’s money, stolen by the administrator of the nursing home.

“My uncle with Alzheimer’s had said someone was stealing his money all along, but we just brushed it off because we thought it was just in his mind,” said Donna Tower, niece of the victim.

Financial nursing home abuse in an all too common problem in our country. We urge family members of nursing home residents to be vigilant about any suspected abuse–financial or otherwise–and report the problem to authorities immediately and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to see what legal action you can take.


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