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March 9, 2013

Police in Dekalb County, Georgia shut down four nursing homes and arrested two workers this week after investigations confirmed that the facilities were operating without the proper licensing. In the state of Georgia, providing elderly care without a license is considered nursing home abuse and carries heavy penalties.

According to the Dekalb Police, unlicensed personal nursing homes are breeding ground for a variety of abuse situations, from financial exploitation, lack of proper medical care, physical abuse, and more.

After an investigation performed last year by The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the findings have shown that the worst cases of nursing home abuse in Georgia occur in facilities that are not licensed by the state to operate. Operating the facility without a license is a misdemeanor, and any repeat offenses are felonies.

At one of the recent closed locations, there was substantial evidence of abuse and neglect. The nursing home was located in a residential home off Columbia Drive in Decatur. Three mentally ill victims resided at the home, and reportedly suffered from lack of food and medical attention. The owner of the residence, Theresa Mcintosh, was arrested not only for operating this particular facility, but an additional two unlicensed nursing homes as well.

According to a neighbor, several of the nursing home’s residents have been walking around unsupervised, urinating outside, and buying medicine outside of a church located close to the home.

In addition to criminal charges that the former workers are facing, they may also face civil charges should the families of the victims retain a Georgia nursing home abuse attorney and file for damages.


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