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November 26th, 2010

A Certified Nursing Assistant has been charged with abusing an elderly resident at a Calhoun, Georgia nursing home. The CNA at Calhoun Health Care was charged with simple battery of an 83-year-old resident.

Police Chief Garry Moss said the woman “intentionally made physical contact with a patient at a local nursing home.”

The abused resident reported she was put in a wheel chair and spun around several times after she had told the CNA to stop. Police say after interviewing people involved, the situation seems to have begun as a prank, but the accused CNA continued after the resident complained and the situation then turned into nursing home abuse. Police were also informed that the CNA put ice down the resident’s back.

“After interviewing everyone involved, it appears this incident started out as a prank,” public information officer Lt. Tony Pyle said. “However once the victim voiced a complaint, the offender was obligated to stop her actions.”


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