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June 20, 2013

A former Kaufman County, Texas caregiver who was arrested for nursing home abuse earlier this month, spoke to a local news station directly from jail.

According to documents, former nursing aide assistant, James Seaton, faces felony charges of nursing home abuse after an 88-year-old resident, Sammie Berry, was found with severe gashes on his head. Authorities arrested Seaton and charged him for the incident. The abuse reportedly occurred at the Kaufman Healthcare Center earlier this month. Seaton was helping Berry get dressed, when reportedly, he hit her, causing extensive marks and bruises.

While speaking through a glass wall in the Kaufman County Jail, Seaton attempted to explain to local news reporters what happened:

“I was turning her and my back kind of went out and I lost control of her, that’s when she bumped her head on the oxygen tank, which was close to the bed,” Seaton said.

In addition, Seaton claimed that he tried to tell the nurses what happened, but according to family members, no one was notified of the incident, and it was a hospice worker that found Berry lying unconscious with her faced bruised all over one side.

Seaton is now worried about taking care of his son, who he raises alone. He has been unable to come up with the $25,000 bond that would release him from jail while he awaits his court date.

Meanwhile, Steaton pleads with the family of the victim to understand it was an accident.

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