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April 11, 2013

A woman charged with nursing home abuse in 2011 is facing her charges this morning in a Corpus Christi, Texas courthouse.

According to reports, Namjeh Griffin was the owner of both Affordable Quality Care Assisted Living and Adult Loving Care in the suburb area of Flour Bluff in Corpus. In 2011, investigators discovered that Griffin was violating several state laws, including neglect and abuse. Residents were victims to several incidents of physical and verbal abuse along with neglect so severe that many were in weak conditions.

The worst abuse surfaced when investigators determined that several of the residents were forced to wear plastic bags around their necks that were filled with their own feces and urine. Soiled diapers were placed in the bags before they were put around their necks and left there for days.

In April 2011, the state forced both nursing homes to shut down. Only 16 residents were remaining in the homes at that point, and were allowed to stay there with state staff until other living arrangements could be made.

The Department of Aging and Services said that a total of 55 residents in both nursing homes were being subjected to severe abuse and neglect. In 2012, Griffin settled a civil case with the state for $350,000 and the promise to never operate a car facility again. However, the victims and their family members have the right to retain a Texas nursing home abuse attorney and file for civil damages as well.

If found guilty, Griffin could face an extended prison sentence.


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