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August 21, 2012

A former employee of a local nursing home in Oklahoma has plead guilty to nursing home abuse this week after admitting to the abuse and neglect of an elderly resident.

Lucy Gakunga, a former nursing aide at the Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, was arrested earlier this after a video was released that depicted her abusing a resident of the nursing home. Gakunga, along with another nursing aide, Caroline Kaseke, were seen neglecting, abusing, and mistreating 96-year-old resident, Eryetha Mayberry. The camera was hidden by Mayberry’s family after they suspected abuse. Gajunka was caught slapping the victim and shoving gloves into her mouth. Although Kaseke didn’t participate, she was caught on film watching the incident without rendering aid or help to the victim.

Along with criminal charges, Gajunka may also face a civil lawsuit should the family retain the services of a nursing home abuse lawyer and file against her for damages.

While in court, Gakunga plead to abuse and neglect by a caretaker. She was sentenced to 85% of a seven year sentence. She is also liable for a $1,000 fine appointed by the judge. The other former nursing aide is being charged with abuse as well, and is set to appear in court.


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