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July 15, 2013

A Florida nursing home that assists adults with developmental disabilities is still open after another state appeal, even though a history of nursing home abuse and neglect has been determined. As a result, loved ones of the abused victims are picketing.

According to reports, Roxanna Jeffries’ disabled son was one of the many residents who suffered through neglect and abuse at when he lived at the Hilldale facility in the Tampa area. Per Jeffries, she wants to make sure others aren’t treated the same way. This week, she stood with picketing signs outside the Statehouse.

“He was physically abused, mentally abused, emotionally abused; he was attacked on several cases. I went to the administrator, didn’t get anything. We couldn’t get him to respond,” Jeffries told the press.

According to Florida state records, Hilldale has a pattern of abuse stemming back for several years. Since 2005, instances of rape, assault, neglect, and severe abuse have been determined. In one innocent, a resident attempted to run away and was subsequently hit and killed by a car.

Healthcare regulators have attempted on two occasions to prevent the facility from remaining open, but so far the court is denying the requests. As a result, loved ones are picketing as a way to demand better staff training so that the abuse doesn’t continue.

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