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February 4, 2013

A Miami, Florida nursing home in which nursing home abuse resulted in the death of two children last year has permanently closed its doors to the children’s nursing unit after a bitter battle with Florida’s system of care.

According to reports, in late January, Golden Glades Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers told the state health administrators. At the time the nursing home was homing 19 children; a drop from a previous 30. The decision came after the deaths of two children that lived in the nursing home, resulting in fines of over $300,00.

Since learning of the upcoming closing, social workers and administrators have been making attempts to relocate the children still living in the nursing home to medical foster homes. Last week, three of the remaining children at the nursing home were transferred, while a final child is awaiting transfer.

Meanwhile, the parent of one of the children that died, Doris Freyre, is still searching for justice for her daughter, Marie, who was taken from her mother and moved to Golden Glades, where she died shortly after. Although Doris wanted to keep her daughter in her care, the state of Florida told her that the law allows the child to be taken to a nursing home where she can be better taken care of. Within hours of being there, the child started exhibiting severe signs of stress. After being strapped down and taken to a local hospital, she died only hours later of being sent to the nursing home.

“I started crying because I knew it would be too much for my daughter on that trip. There was no doctor there to receive her, only nurses. They didn’t send a report on how to give her food or meds. They didn’t give her food or water until late hours of the night. My family has been destroyed,” Doris said in a news statement after the incident.

Doris, along with the other parents, have the right in the state of Florida to retain a Florida nursing home abuse lawyer and file for civil charges.


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