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May 10, 2013

On the last day of Florida’s legislation, a bill to help reform the influx of nursing home abuse and neglect has once again failed to pass.

According to reports, Bill SB 646 was passed by the Senate, which would allow tighter measures on the state’s nursing homes, including more frequent inspections and more severe penalties for deficiencies and infractions. Jack McRay of AARP and an advocate for the new bill expressed his disappointment recently after the bill showed no movement in the House:

“I am hugely disappointed. I think that in the next go-around, the Legislature ought to focus more on protecting residents of ALFs than protecting the industry,” said McRay.

Reforms have been sought after since 2002, after the Miami Herald uncovered a shocking amount of abuse and neglect happening throughout Florida nursing homes. For example, many disabled children died while living in area nursing homes, even though their parents were against sending them there. Other forms of abuse consisted of severe neglect, dehydration, malnutrition, physical and sexual abuse, and more.

Backers of the bill feel that it’s taking too long to get it passed, and don’t want more tragedies to take place before it’s finally passed.

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