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November 12, 2012

A 14-year-old Florida Nursing home resident died after suffering from nursing home abuse and neglect.

Marie Freyre suffered from cerebral palsy, seizures, and an array of other medical issues. Her mother, Doris Freyre, took care of her for 14 years, until social workers insisted that the minor be sent to the Florida Club Care Center. Although typically reserved for elderly citizens, social workers and advocates in Florida have a history of sending disabled minors there as well.

When Marie arrived, she was kicking, screaming, and inconsolable. It was the lack of medical treatment, however, that ultimately led to the 14-year-old’s death. Allegedly, the nurses at Florida Club Care Center failed to provide her with medications she needed in order to live. In addition, she may have only been fed applesauce to eat. Medical reports indicate that she struggled to breathe for several hours before a doctor was called.

Federal civil rights attorneys have battled Florida health regulators for years on their practices of housing sick and disabled children in nursing home. If there are no changes, The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights has threatened to file a lawsuit against the state. Meanwhile, the loved ones of the child have the right hire a nursing home abuse attorney and file a lawsuit against the state and the nursing home.


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