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May 17, 2013

A Crestview, Florida nursing home faces state-mandated probation along with fines after serious nursing home abuse issues have come to surface.

According to Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHA), Silvercrest Manor Nursing Home reportedly not only failed to report abuse at its facilities, but also failed to develop a plan to help prevent abuse and neglect. At least 60 residents were determined to be in harm’s way and at risk for abuse and injuries.

In a settlement agreement created on May 10, the document states that although staff members were warned several times of their negligent and abusive behavior, no change was ever made. Examples include the staff acting rudely, refusing to care for certain residents, physical mishandling and roughness, medical negligence, and more. Since the nursing home failed to take action against the abusive staff members, the facility now faces a $3,500 fine and probation.

The nursing home has 30 days to appeal the findings, which according to AHA, have been classified as a Class 1 and Class 2 violations. Additionally, the nursing home has been placed on a national watch list, and is now considered a “Special Focus Facility” (SFF).

So far, no staff members have been reprimanded in any way for the abuse allegations, and the nursing home is denying any wrong doings.

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