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May 2, 2011

A nurse at Emerald Coast Center nursing home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was recently charged with the abuse of an elderly disabled man.

The nursing home abuse involved the nurse grabbing the elderly man’s mattress and pulling it causing the man to fall over the side railing of the bed and on to the floor, causing bruising on his side. The accused abuser, who reportedly did not offer the man help after the fall, pulled the mattress after she could not get the man to wake up.

A worker at Emerald Coast Center reported the abuse to the police and another employee at the nursing home also reported seeing the nurse flip the man from his bed during a separate incident.

The accused woman denies the abuse.

If your loved one has been through any type of nursing home abuse or neglect you should contact the police immediately and get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what legal action you can take.


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