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January 18, 2013

After an abundance of criticism and commentary regarding Florida’s law mandating that disabled children be sent to local nursing homes, a Florida agency is pitching new ideas for changes. The outcry came after several children suffered from nursing home abuse, and in some cases, even death.

According to reports, the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration has launched the Enhanced Care Coordination Program. The new program will sign up at least 28 nursing home coordinators in an attempt to give additional attention to disabled children already placed in nursing homes and help them to be eventually be removed from the nursing home’s care.

However, Florida is still under tight scrutiny with the federal government about the previous nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Katie McAllister of the Florida Development Disabilities Council is hoping that the new program will help the children get out of the nursing homes, which in turn will help the state as well.

“The Florida Development Disabilities Council believes that children, even those with medically complex conditions, should be living with their families or in a home-like environment,”

Today, there are still over 220 children living in Florida nursing homes. The U.S. Department of Justice finds this sort of treatment as completely unnecessary and has threatened Florida with lawsuits.

Meanwhile, the parents who’ve suffered because of their children being abuse have taken matters into their own hands by hiring a Florida nursing home abuse attorney to explore their options.


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