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August 12, 2013

Better Care, a Florida-based advocacy group that inspects homes for nursing home abuse, revealed several states this week that have extremely high rates of abuse and neglect.

According to the advocacy group’s “report card,” every state in the nation was inspected and then graded based on federal guidelines and measures, such as the amount of infractions each nursing home was found with and the average hours that staff members work.

Fortunately, three states, which include, Alaska, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, received excellent overall grades. However, other states didn’t fare so well, with several of them receiving poor grades.

Coming in dead last for the most deficiencies, neglect, and abuse issues are Texas, Louisiana, and Indiana. Georgia and Tennessee were also ranked at the bottom after both stated scored below average.

In addition, the advocacy group also found that only seven states in the nation offered residents more than an hour of individualized professional care each day, and at least 96% of all of the states offered less than three hours of direct care. In addition, throughout half of all states, one out of five residents were either neglected, abused, or both.

According to Brian Lee, the executive director of the advocacy group, the nursing homes that provide better care showed a trend of having more staff members who worked more hours.

“ A distinctive trend differentiated the good states from the bad states. States whose nursing homes staffed at higher levels ranked far better than those with fewer staffing hours,” said Lee.

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