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July 17, 2013

An Alabama nursing home was found guilty this week by an arbitrator who determined that the facility was responsible for the nursing home abuse and neglect that led to the death of a resident.

According to court documents, Joe Moore, 77 was admitted into Montgomery’s South Haven nursing home in 2011. He was only admitted in order to get physical therapy after a recent fall. He was expected to return home within a month. However, when he was released a little over 30 days later, he had a severely infected pressure ulcer. Consequently, he died shortly afterwards.

Dr. Jim Lauridson, a former Alabama state medical examiner, testified that Moore’s wound stemmed from lying in bed too long without being moved. In addition, a nurse testified that there were several instances if medical discrepancies in Moore’s medical record. For instance, according to the nurse, records of wound care were already in the victim’s medical records before a physician had provided any orders.

Although a jury and court trial was replaced by an arbitrary agreement, the results were in the victim’s favor. Moore’s family was awarded $375,000 against the nursing home.

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