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March 5, 2013

The family of a nursing home resident who was seen on camera in a severe case of nursing home abuse is frustrated. The family claims that both the state agency as well as the nursing home are refusing to hand over pertinent documentation in regards to the victim’s case.

The incident started in November of last year when family members witnessed two nursing home employees abusing their elderly mother via a hidden video camera placed in 96-year-old Eryetha Mayberry’s room at the Quail Creek Nursing Home and Rehab Center in Oklahoma City. Subsequently, the employees were arrested and charged with nursing home abuse.

Since then, Mayberry has passed away. However, the family, seeking closure, have been requesting access to their mother’s case. Yet, according to the family, their requests have been met with invalid excuses. Doris Racker, one of Mayberry’s daughters, said that they’ve tried several times, but have yet to receive a response.

“I’ve been told that it had to be sent to the corporate office, that was the first excuse. The second excuse was the paperwork wasn’t adequate, which it was. Everything was there,” Racker recently said.

A local Oklahoma news station also called the nursing but was directed to a corporate office in Georgia. None of the phone calls have been returned. The silence and excuses may possibly stem from the fact that the family has the right to obtain a nursing home abuse attorney and file for civil damages. However, because of the privacy laws in Oklahoma, it’s speculation at this point.


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