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October 25, 2012

An Alabama woman who was accused of nursing home abuse earlier this year in August is expected to enter a plea today at the Alabaster courthouse.

Patricia Hockaday, along with three other employees, were accused of nursing home abuse after family members of the victim placed hidden cameras in the Chandler Health and Rehab Center in Alabaster.

According to the Alabaster Police, there were several incidents that were caught on camera that prompted them to start an investigation. Two employees were caught repeatedly yanking a cord that was attached to one of the nursing home patients. Another employee was caught yelling and engaging in an argument with a patient, and in turn, may have struck out. The camera was too dark to determine if any physical abuse ensued after the argument.

After reviewing the tape, four employees were immediately fired, and a warrant was issued for their arrest. Hockaday, along with William Dixon Jr. and Robert Butler Jr., turned themselves in to the police. However, an outstanding warrant was issued for Janice Lashun Robinson, who was arrested a month later.

The director of the nursing home, Joe Meadows, stated that abuse is never tolerated:

“The center responded swiftly once we were made aware of these actions,” Meadows said. “The individuals are no longer employed here. We have filed reports with local and state agencies who are currently investigating this case.”

Hockaday, who was accused of abusing a paralyzed patient, will find out her fate after her plea today. The other three assailants are expected to appear in court at a later date. If found guilty, she could potentially face prison time. In addition, the family has the right to seek out a nursing home abuse lawyer in order to file a civil action suit against both the employees and the nursing home.


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