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November 13, 2012

A Maryland nursing home with a long history of violations is once again being investigated for nursing home abuse and neglect after health officials were informed a resident suffered from substandard medical care.

According to reports, James Franklin, a former resident of the St. Thomas More nursing home, almost died after insufficient care for his sacral ulcer. When he arrived at the nursing home, the ulcer was small and on its way to healing. However, within a month it tripled in size, had gangrene, and was oozing out a strong smelling discharge. Franklin experienced septic shock and was rushed to a local hospital.

Since then, Franklin has been in and out the hospital on several occasions. He transferred to a different nursing home where he is trying to recover. However, his wife, with the help of a nursing home abuse attorney, has filed a lawsuit against St. Thomas More nursing home with the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality.

This is not the first time St. Thomas More has been involved in negligent behaviors. Prior violations include failing to provide proper care, failing to respond to an emergency situation, and failure to improve the standards in the nursing home. In addition, the nursing home settled a lawsuit in 2005 after a patient suffered and died from bed sores

With the continuous problems arising at St. Thomas More, state regulators are in the process of revoking its license.


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