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January 29, 2013

A faulty sprinkler pipe in a Connecticut nursing home resulted in an evacuation this week after water filled a portion of the nursing home, rendering it unsafe.

According to the Mystic fire officials, a broken sprinkler pipe located in the C wing of the Mystic Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Mystic burst on Sunday night, leaving the wing of the nursing home filled with close to three inches of water.

Although no one was injured, 25 residents were evacuated. Local ambulances were dispatched in order to take the residents to nearby facilities for a few days. The majority of the residents that were evacuated are unable to walk on their own. They waited in another part of the nursing home until 10 ambulance trucks arrived to pick them up.

Waterford’s Oswgatchie Fire Department, which has specialized equipment, was called in to help with the water clean up.

At this time, there is no reason as to why the pipe burst. However, the dangers of malfunctioning pipes can lead to devastating effects. Just a few days prior to the aforementioned incident, a ceiling collapsed in a nursing home in Ohio, causing three residents to sustain injuries. The roof collapse was a result of a leaky pipe that was not properly maintained. Eventually, the water from the pipe soaked through the insulation in the nursing home, causing the ceiling and the ceiling tiles to collapse.

Even though no criminal charges were filed, federal nursing laws mandate that all appliances and parts in a nursing home be kept in working condition. Because of the injuries, the victims may have the option of retaining a nursing home abuse attorney and filing civil charges for personal injury.


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