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June 29, 2012

Rhode Island citizens have come together asking their state attorney general to take action against a nursing home that was the alleged site of recent sexual nursing home abuse.

The scandal involves a patient being sexually abused by her two daughters at Hebert Nursing Home. No criminal charges were filed in the case. A spokesperson for Hebert says the charges were reviewed by prosecutors who chose not to take action.

A spokesperson for the attorney general says they need more evidence in the case to pursue criminal charges.

The nurses who came forward to report the abuse allege they were unfairly targeted by the nursing home and had their hours cut. They have since filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the nursing home.

A petition was signed by hundreds of citizens and delivered to the attorney general by the nurses who reported the abuse. The woman accused of the abuse have denied the allegations against them.

Often times in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect it is ordinary people speaking out that help brings these problems to light. A nursing home abuse attorney is also a vital component in bringing abusers and negligent nursing homes to justice.


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