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August 24, 2011

Recent opinion pieces in the California newspaper the Ventura County Star debating the prevalence of overmedication as a form of abuse in nursing homes has spurred the town to hold a Community Educational Forum. The free forum will be September 29 at the Ventura TowneHouse, 4900 Telegraph Road, from 1:00 to 2:30 PM.

Both sides of the debate have weighed in via the Ventura County Star newspaper and now a panel of senior citizen advocates, nursing home administrators, and medical doctors will try to accurately convey to the community if drug abuse in nursing homes is indeed a cause for concern.

Overmedicating nursing home residents as form of chemical restraint is something that has unfortunately been found in nursing homes across the country. Such nursing home abuse can lead to health problems and even death.

We encourage all those who suspect a nursing home resident has been overly medicated or given the wrong medication to notify the authorities immediately and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you with the complexities of these types of cases.


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