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October 29, 2011

A lawsuit filed against a California nursing home and home health care company claims that an 80-year-old woman suffered various injuries due to negligence on the part of the nursing home and home health care company.

The lawsuit was filed by the daughter of the elderly woman and claims that while under the care of Accentcare Home Health of California the woman was left unattended and fell which resulted in her breaking her hip.

After the fall, the elderly woman became a resident at Petaluma Health and Rehabilitation. The lawsuit alleges that the nursing home was negligent in its care of the woman leading her to suffer infection, dehydrating, and malnutrition.

The alleged victim is now in hospice care at her home.

A nursing home abuse lawyer will play a vital role in this apparent care of nursing home abuse, in which the attorney will try to bring justice to the victim and her family, as well as help prevent further abuse and neglect.


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