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January 17th, 2011

A California nursing home is currently shut down in the midst of claims that nursing home abuse caused the death of an elderly resident. The family of 73-year-old Kyong Duncan installed video surveillance is the woman’s room and says the video proves abuse caused Duncan’s death. An autopsy also revealed Duncan had a deadly amount of narcotics in her system.

The video shows two nurses picking Duncan off the floor and putting her in her wheelchair. Duncan is then thrust back in her wheelchair as a nurse jerks the chair backwards onto two wheels and shakes the wheelchair along with Duncan.

An attorney for the Fair Oaks Nursing Home is claiming the video has been revealed for sensational purposes.

The family of Duncan says during the eight months that Duncan was at the nursing home a lack of medical attention, misuse of drugs, and other abuses caused her death.

If you suspect a loved one is being abused in a nursing home you should get in touch with a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss the situation and what actions you should take.


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