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September 24th, 2010

An Austrian state-run home for the mentally ill has come under investigation for nursing home abuse.

Spokesman for the Graz public prosecutor’s office, Hansjoerg Bacher, said the investigation is focused on five suspects and four victims linked to the nursing home located in the southern town of Schwanberg.

According to Bacher, the alleged abuse was reported to the police by people involved with the nursing home. In one incident, said Bacher, a caregiver was reported to have broken a resident’s nose.

The company that runs the facility said they have sent a special team to the home to investigate the situation.

Nursing home abuse is a generally more aggressive form of abuse; whereas nursing home neglect is less aggressive but can be just as harmful.

The types of nursing home abuse vary but include physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial fraud and exploitation, and sexual abuse. Types of nursing home neglect include personal hygiene neglect, basic needs neglect, medical neglect, and emotional neglect.


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