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April 24, 2013

A new bill that will charge people accused of elder and nursing home abuse with a felony is being pushed by Alabama lawmakers. Senator Cam Ward joined the lawmakers this week in Alabaster to go over the details.

Lawmakers are pushing the new bill after studies have shown that although over 6,000 cases of nursing home abuse happen each year, a good fraction of them are never reported. Lawmakers are hoping the new bill will change this.

Most cases of elder and nursing home abuse have been financial exploitation and neglect. For example, Virginia Hick was charged with exploiting over $2 million from an elderly family member for close to four years. Yet, her 10-year-sentence would have been the same as if she had only stolen a few hundred dollars. Lawmakers feel that the punishments for this type of abuse are too lenient.

If the bill passes, all elder and nursing home abuse cases will be considered felonies, with stricter punishments, including longer prison sentences for those found guilty. The bill recently passed Senate and is now expected to go through to the full house.

Senior citizens and other supporters are encouraged to show local lawmakers their support of the new bill.

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