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January 20, 2014

The largest amount ever paid out in a nursing home case in Massachusetts has been a whopping $2 million abuse settlement against Kindred Healthcare. The billion dollar company, which comprises of hospitals, nursing homes and contract rehabilitation services, has had to pay the large sum, although they are not happy about the verdict.

The story started when an 87-year old resident in the Massachusetts Kindred facility was found with genital bruising and bleeding. Kindred maintained in the suit, that the resident has sustained the injuries from a fall. However, the plaintiff’s lawyers fought against them, saying that their client had been assaulted. Because there were no witnesses to verify what had actually happened, the victim’s legal team had to rely on hospital records and testimony from doctors who treated the resident. After 3 hours of deliberation, the jury returned and decided in favor of the plaintiff.

Without witnesses, doctors’ testimonies in this verdict played a massive part of the trial. But what should you do if you witness abuse or neglect of any nature against an elderly person? Though terrible to think about, knowing what to do is important in stamping out nursing home abuse and neglect. The Nursing Home Abuse Center website, powered by McIver Brown’s sterling team of dedicated nursing home lawyers, provides comprehensive information about all of these issues. For witnesses; whether these comprise of people working in a nursing home, or family members, speaking up against what you have seen or suspect is crucial. For many elderly victims of abuse and neglect, the fear that they feel on a daily basis can cause them to not speak about what has happened. That is why the first step is to make seniors feel safe and ask them questions, to get to the bottom of understanding whether something has happened.


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