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Texas Family Catches Nursing Home Abuse on Video

August 29, 2012

A Texas family has captured what they say is video evidence that their elderly mother with dementia was being abused at Heritage Oaks Nursing Home in Arlington.

The family says the video shows staff at the nursing home treating the 83-year-old woman roughly and pulling her hair and pinching her leg.

No charges have been filed at this time but police are investigating the allegations.

After bruises were discovered on the elderly woman and she began pulling away from her family’s hugs, the children started to think their mother might be a victim of nursing home abuse. The family decided to install a hidden camera in their mother’s room and their worst suspicions were confirmed.

"My heart started racing and I was horrified. And I was more mad than anything just to know this was going on with my mother,” said the daughter of the alleged victim.

The family says the video was shown to the nursing home administrator who does not agree with some of the treatment found on the video, but they say he has tried to downplay the problem. However, the administrator has reported the potential abuse to the state and has launched an internal investigation.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms--from the subtle indications of neglect, such as bed sores, to the more obvious signs like cuts and bruises, which can indicate physical abuse. We encourage anyone suspicious of abuse to first notify the police; then contact qualified nursing home abuse lawyers to discuss your potential case.