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Sign Placement Causes Elderly Fall in Nursing Home

October 9th, 2012

Beverly Graves sued Willowbrook Senior Center in Los Angeles, CA after sustaining injuries from a fall in their facility. Graves tripped over a direction sign while turning a corner in the hallway and fell. She alleged that Willowbrook was negligent in placing the sign; therefore, creating a dangerous condition.

Graves was transferred to the hospital as a result of the fall and had to undergo surgery for a fractured right femur. Willowbrook contends that the sign placement was not a dangerous condition and was readily visible to Graves. They argued that she was contributorily at fault in causing the injury. The jury found the defendant 70% at fault and Graves 30% liable for the incident. Total damages amounted to $159,116, but were reduced to $111,381 after offsetting Grave’s comparative fault.