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August 9, 2014

A nursing home worker who abused one of her patients has received a ten year suspended sentence after video footage confirmed her guilt.

60-year-old Elizabeth Kibler, who was an employee of the Grace Living Center in Oklahoma City verbally abused Anita Rich, covering her in bruises and on one occasion pouring water down her feeding tube. She also left the woman with bruises around her mouth after grabbing her.

Her son, Christopher, placed a secret video camera in his mother’s room, catching the abuse on tape. Kibler was sentenced to serve at least four years in prison and showed no remorse for what she had done instead claiming that she was glad she was caught.

There is no excuse for nursing home abuse or neglect and care workers who are employed by nursing home facilities should go through rigorous checks and training to ensure that they are adequately able to look after elderly residents. Sadly, however, this is not always the case and family members are left outraged when it emerges that their loved ones have been abused.

If you have a relative or friend in a nursing home and suspect that something may be amiss then read more here to learn how to spot the signs of abuse. By being aware of any changes you can report abuse or neglect to the proper authorities and stop it from continuing.


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