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April 12, 2013

A Sacramento, California jury has awarded the plaintiffs in a nursing home abuse case $23 million this week after the Seattle-based company, Emeritus, was found to be responsible for the abuse and neglect that led to the death of an 81-year-old woman.

According to court reports, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of victim, Joan Boice. Boice, who suffered from dementia, was accepted into the Emeritus at Emerald Hills nursing home in Auburn, where according to family members, she was left with neglectful and untrained staff members who weren’t qualified to deal with someone with dementia.

While at Emerald Hills, Boice developed a series of serious illnesses, including pressure wounds, bed sores, and more. This happened during only a three-month stay at the nursing home. Ten weeks later, during February 2009, Boise died at an intensive care unit after being transferred from Emerald Hills.

As a result, the victim’s family retained a nursing home abuse attorney and filed for damages. The verdict rendered one of the largest damages amounts received in California: $22,963,943.81. We encourage anyone suspicious of nursing home abuse in California to seek the counsel of an experienced California nursing home abuse lawyer.

According to reports, Emeritus plans to appeal the decision. However, the company already had several other similar lawsuits against them in the past, including pressure wounds incidents in one of their Florida Nursing Homes, and a staff lawsuit in Texas.

In addition, this is not the first complaint against Emerald Hills. In 2007, a former nurse at the facility wrote an extensive letter to Emeritus executives, explaining that the nursing home was so understaffed that it was impossible to provide quality care to all of its residents. The nurse never heard back from Emeritus and resigned shortly after.


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