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October 11, 2012

Edna Anderson, a 95-year-old female, fell at Parkwood Retirement Community this past July. She had been lying on the floor for approximately 24 hours until one of the facility’s employees found her. Anderson claimed that there was no response to her emergency call device, and that employees discarded the device before it could be tested. As a result of her extended immobility, Anderson argued that she developed rhabdomyolsis and a urinary tract infection and required several months of physical rehabilitation.

Parkwood Retirement Community claimed that the device was not defective, and that its employees were unaware of any defects. They argued that Anderson attempted to use an older, deactivated call device instead. The jury ultimately found Parkwood negligent and grossly negligent, and Anderson was awarded $2.224,108.62 in damages.

Horrific tales of nursing home abuse throughout our country remind us that we need to be vigilant about reporting any suspicions we have of abuse or neglect to the authorities. If you or a family member was abused we also encourage you to contact a nursing home abuse attorney.


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